thelaziesthufflepuff said: I BOUGHT YOUR OIIWA DOUJINSHI (interval) AND I LOVED IT! please draw more of them! and of fem!iwa-chan because she is a thing of beauty

Thanks so much for the purchase dear!! I will for sure draw more OiIwa doujinshi, no worries!!! XD Fem!Iwa-chan seems to be more of a thing now for OiIwa fans, huh? In a way she’s more like the little daughter than OiIwa fans must protect, so I’ll be sure to give her more appearances too (^q^

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Sleepy Fukurodani babies.

Sleepy Fukurodani babies.

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It’s Hell week. /breaks arms

It’s Hell week. /breaks arms

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“Iwa-chan you’re so manly you probably didn’t even cry as a baby." -Oikawa

Iwa-chan you’re so manly you probably didn’t even cry as a baby." -Oikawa

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Anonymous said: OMG you look so gorgeous as Oikawa! (´ω`♡%)b I wish I could've gone to MiniComi... I hope you enjoyed it! ^.^

…Ah ah thank you anon you are too kind!! (´;ω;` I’m still not 100% satisfied with my Oikawa though, so must keep improving♡ And I had a wonderful time at MiniComi! It was a really great event with lots of top notch artists~ Although you couldn’t make it to this one, it’d be lovely to see you at the next event!

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Haikyuu!! prism bookmarks are up in my store now!

Get them as a set
or individually

Billies’ art is the most adorable; it’s really hard to look the other way ww *orders*

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My Oikawa cosplay at MiniComi 2014 because I love Oikawa so much I cosplayed him on his birhtday (Japan time). (/)////(\) Thanks for everyone who stopped by our booth and gross fangirled HQ with me!!

Photo Thanks: Aethersean

Uniform credits: Miko for doing such a brilliant job sewing. I was so afraid of messing up when I painted the numbers/logos ^q^

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MiniComi 2014 - Vancouver!

We’ll be at MiniComi (July 19th @ Olympic Village, Vancouver, CANADA) selling prints, books, merchandise, and more! Come to table S5 (close to the glass windows)!


July 20th is Oikawa’s birthday! For anyone who comes to our table and says “Happy Birthday, Oikawa!” to me (I’ll be cosplaying Oikawa, sorry lolll), you will get a special gift www While supplies last… Here’s a preview of one of the items you could get….

Oh, I also have extra OiIwa doujinshis for sale, amongst other prints from several animanga series ww Happy shopping!

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Short shorts & OiIwa yar.

Short shorts & OiIwa yar.

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